Sunday, April 18, 2010

Radish Cake - Chai Tao Kueh

Radish cake (chai tao kueh) is a type of savory common breakfast or snack in Malaysia. You can get it from the wet market or from a kueh (snack) cart by the roadside at all times.

I had been wanting to try my hands on making this cake a while ago but didn't get all the right ingredients. The recipe was so simple! Yesterday I made my first batch of radish cake with some roasted pork, minced garlic and rice flour. It was so delicious! A typical radish cake usually called for minced dried shrimp or/and some hongkong style sausage. I didn't go for the dried shrimp recipe because J is not a fans of it! Without dried shrimp, this cake is still wonderful to eat with some sweet and hot Maggie Chile sauce.

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