Thursday, April 29, 2010

Orange Chiffon Cake

I have been wanting to try to make some chiffon cake. Last weekend I finally bought a chiffon cake mold. It wasn't very cheap so I am hoping to make more chiffon cakes to get a faster ROI. :)

I attempted my first orange flavor chiffon cake with some orange zest and orange juice. Well, it wasn't a successful attempt because my cake didn't 'rise' as high as it should be! It was disappointing but I think I'd figured out the reason behind it. I believe that I might have put too much liquid in my cake batter! From doing some research online, I should only use a few tb of liquid next time. You will see this type of cake a lot from me! Regardless of its shape, the cake actually tastes very good! It was very moist and flavorful! Yum!

Dark Soy Sauce Chicken with Tofu

There is a lot of chicken dishes lately from our kitchen! We bought a big pack of chicken drumsticks and wings last weekend. That's why I have been cooking chicken lately just to finish it up.

For this dark soy sauce chicken dish, I added some organic soft tofu from Trader Joes. It was a good combination with tofu. Tofu soaked up the sauce and tasted so good!

Malaysian Curry Chicken with Potatoes

Curry time again! I have been using this type of curry powder for my curry cooking recently. I actually got it from our Oriental market in Chandler, not from home. From the manufacturer's package, the curry powder was made in Singapore. Well, even though the label is Malaysian Curry, but it was made in Singapore. Who cares as long as the taste is good right?!

For this curry dish, I used some chicken drumsticks and wings with yellow potatoes and carrot. It was such a great combination!

Steelhead Trout with Mushroom Gravy

We got about a lb of fresh Steelhead Trout from Sprouts the other day. I decided to make some mushroom gravy to go with the fish to add some flavor to it. I started cooking the fish by marinating it in some salt and pepper. Before I fried the fish in some (little) cooking oil, I patted it with some corn starch. It helps to prevent the fish from sticking at the bottom of the pan and also to 'hold' the shape of the fish. For my mushroom gravy, I just used some regular brown mushroom and some flour to thicken the sauce. Enjoy!

Fried Radish Cake - Char Kueh Kak

With the left over from my steamed radish cake, I made a stir fry radish cake dish with some vegetable. I chopped up some dry salted radish, carrot and Kai Lan vege for this dish. I also added three eggs in it! I like my stir fry in a rich color so added some dark soy sauce. It was very delicious!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hawaiian Loco Moco

Hawaiian loco moco usually consists of white rice topped with a hamburger patty, an over-easy egg and some brown savory gravy. I had my first Loco Moco about two years ago when J and I went to Oahu with his parents for Thanksgiving. It was a great experience!

We tried to create this dish at home for brunch with our home-made hamburger patty left over from yesterday's BBQ grilling. We made the hamburger patty with some ground beef from Sprouts, chopped mushroom and some yummy apricot Stilton cheese from Trader Joe. We also got some fresh cage free organic chicken eggs from Scottsdale Farmers Market a week ago. I made my brown gravy with some button mushrooms and onion. My secret ingredient of my gravy was some while truffle olive oil! The dish was great with all these fresh ingredients! It was definitely a good way to start our Sunday!

Radish Cake - Chai Tao Kueh

Radish cake (chai tao kueh) is a type of savory common breakfast or snack in Malaysia. You can get it from the wet market or from a kueh (snack) cart by the roadside at all times.

I had been wanting to try my hands on making this cake a while ago but didn't get all the right ingredients. The recipe was so simple! Yesterday I made my first batch of radish cake with some roasted pork, minced garlic and rice flour. It was so delicious! A typical radish cake usually called for minced dried shrimp or/and some hongkong style sausage. I didn't go for the dried shrimp recipe because J is not a fans of it! Without dried shrimp, this cake is still wonderful to eat with some sweet and hot Maggie Chile sauce.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

I made this pineapple upside-down cake per J's request last month. This is a great cake infused with tropical flavor. I sliced and arranged the pineapple at the bottom of the cake and then poured the batter on top. The outcome was delicious!