Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moist Cinnamon Rolls

I was craving for cinnamon rolls a couple of weeks ago (no reason, don't ask me why... ;P). I went on and found this awesome recipe. The method of making is so easy with only few key ingredients. The original recipe called for chopped walnut. Since I didn't have it on hands, I added some chopped pecan from my pantry. ;) I also added some raisins for the sweet bites to the rolls.

The rolls was amazing when it first came out of the oven! It was warm, soft, moist and sticky with caramel sauce at the bottom! ;)

Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread

This is another dish inspired by the Southwest living. I have been wanting to try my hands on some corn bread since I had my first bite a few years ago in Arizona. This version of corn bread mixed with some chopped jalapeno, cheddar cheese and cilantro! It came out very moist and rich with cheese. Let me know if you want the recipe. :)

Lemon Roasted Chicken with Potatoes

We like to make this simple dish on Sunday nights. It is easy and delicious. For this recipe, I added lemon halves and some fresh thyme inside chicken cavity. I also pre-boiled potatoes before I baked it with the chicken.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My new cookbooks!

Do you know that I actually read cookbooks during my free times? ;) I added 3 new cookbooks to my humble collection since we got some cast irons pots. Two books are related to cooking with cast irons and the other one is cooking using braising techniques. So many yummy recipes to try out! Too little time on hands recently since I have been busy at work.

Squash with Salty Ham Hock Soup

Didn't I tell ya that I was addicted to my new love - squash?! LOL This is another favorite dish of mine made of squash. We just recently added 3 new heavy cast iron - Le Creuset pots to our kitchen collection. I have been trying out some stew with braising technique using this cast iron pot. I will share more in my next few postings. ;)

This soup was made of two types of squash - Banana Squash and Kabocha Squash with salty ham hocks. It was actually very simple to do. I pre-cooked both squash in the oven for 20 minutes before I cut them out for soup. You can also sautee some shallots and garlic with olive oil before you add the mashed squash with chicken soup. Add ham hock last and stew for a couple of hours! Remember, the longer you stew, the better it tastes! :)

Steamed Kabocha Squash Mushroom Bacon Rice

It was squash season a couple months ago! I was so addicted to this new found love of mine - steamed squash (kabocha or acorn) shitake mushroom bacon rice. The recipe of this rice is actually very simple. You just need to pre-sautee rice with your favorite ingredients (with squash of course!) before you cook it in a regular rice cooker. I added one teaspoon of sesame oil in the rice cooker just to add some tasty aroma to it.

This rice is good to have by itself or with some poultry dishes. It is very high in nutrient as well! Give it a try! If you need exact recipe of it, let me know. ;)

Nasi Lemak with Spicy Shrimps Sambal

Oh my favorite dish! I made this Malaysian traditional dish a couple of months ago at home. Nasi lemak is made of coconut milk, panda leaves, salt and rice. I paired this delicious rice with some spicy shrimps and some fresh green squash. Very refreshing!

You might notice that my pictures are actually better from now on! That's because of my new camera, a wedding gift from my hubby! :) Thanks J!

Pulled Pork Sandwich

We love BBQ pulled pork sandwich! I actually had made it twice in the last few months. Once is for J and I. The other time was when my family from Malaysia came visit us to Arizona. They loved this simple dish too! Let me know if you need the recipe. I am very behind in posting my recent food pictures and blogs. Catching up time! :)