Thursday, April 29, 2010

Orange Chiffon Cake

I have been wanting to try to make some chiffon cake. Last weekend I finally bought a chiffon cake mold. It wasn't very cheap so I am hoping to make more chiffon cakes to get a faster ROI. :)

I attempted my first orange flavor chiffon cake with some orange zest and orange juice. Well, it wasn't a successful attempt because my cake didn't 'rise' as high as it should be! It was disappointing but I think I'd figured out the reason behind it. I believe that I might have put too much liquid in my cake batter! From doing some research online, I should only use a few tb of liquid next time. You will see this type of cake a lot from me! Regardless of its shape, the cake actually tastes very good! It was very moist and flavorful! Yum!

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