Monday, August 17, 2009

Fresh Fig Prosciutto Pizza

This pizza was made last month when we had tons of figs on the tree. It was an excellent way to consume our figs. For this pizza, I had 2 different toppings. One with fresh fig + prosciutto + cheese, the other side was topped with Alaska dried salmon + cheese! Hmm.. the smell of the pizza was just irresistible! ;)

Time away from Khooking Time

I haven't been updating my blog recently. I have been having a busy schedule in the last few weeks. I just recently started a new job! This new job is much closer to my house. I used to travel ~25 miles one way to work. This new location is only 12 miles away. I am very happy for the change! J also has a busy work schedule recently. He has been traveling almost for a week for every week. When he is not at home, my kitchen also not working. ;) I don't want to cook a whole pot, and have to finish it up myself! Yes, you have to blame J for not seeing any update from my Khooking Time.